Conference: Positioning in gravel vs on the road

Saturday 9 July 5 p.m. on the Buckland sur Gravelle site

Open-air conference offered to all. Saturday late afternoon, once the main event of the Buckland on Gravelle is over, Steve Rousseau, positioning specialist, will address the various issues and objectives during positioning on a gravel bike vs a road bike. To be noted the conference will only be given in french.

The points discussed will be:
Positioning history
The main discomforts in gravel practice (vs. road) 
The steps of a positioning 
Positioning adaptations possible for gravel practice



Physiotherapy Technologist – Positioning Technician

Graduated in Physiotherapy Techniques from Cegep Garneau-2019
Physiotherapy Technologist
Member of the Professional Order of Physiotherapy of Quebec
Specialist in cyclist positioning – accredited (Lv.2) by the International Bike Fitting Institute.
20+ years of experience as a racing cyclist
FQSC certified cycling event supervisor